Heather M. Torgeson


My travel addiction goes way deeper than my enjoyment for long walks on the beach. Having lived in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Colorado and California I have always been chasing after new adventures. “My favorite thing to do is go where I’ve never been.” Diane Arbus

My bucket list is always evolving and never ending however I have been fortunate enough to cross some things off such as; stateside solo travel, group travel to Canada and Mexico, train travel from England to France, study abroad in Costa Rica, cruise to Grand Turk, Curacao, and Aruba and last but not least say “I do” to my handsome fella in the Dominican Republic.

Some unforgettable experiences I’ve had is snowboarding on the slopes of Colorado, playing blackjack in Vegas, staring at the people below the glass floor of the CN Tower in Toronto, diving off a catamaran in Grand Turk, looking down from the Eye of London, taking pictures of a sunken tug boat while snorkeling in Curacao, scuba diving in Aruba and Bonaire (known as the Divers Paradise), and “trashing the dress” in the Dominican.

With being experienced in all forms of travel it’s my passion to share my experiences with people like you. I love helping people get an opportunity to see all that our beautiful world has to offer and getting them ready for their next adventure. The best part… my services and experience is at no cost to you and I get to hear all about it when you return.

Let’s get started on your next adventure!

Heather M. Torgeson

Professional Travel Specialist

Cell: 918-633-3532
Email: HeatherM@UniqueRomanceTravel.com