Amy Janson

As a young girl, one of my favorite reads was a collection of children’s stories from around the world. That book helped ignite a passion for culture and people. The passion carried into high school where I was a student ambassador to Australia and New Zealand. This independence at a young age gifted me with looking outside myself and seeing how truly big the world really is!

In college I pursued Cultural Anthropology as a minor and was even lucky enough to meet (and schmooze) Jane Goodall in hopes she would take me back with her to Africa to study chimps. She quickly looked at my polished nails and probably didn’t see me fitting the bill.

As an adult, I have traveled in and out of the US. From snorkeling in Aruba to enjoying a glass of wine on the beach in Cape Cod, nothing gives me greater joy than to see the world.

I have participated and planned many group trips and girls getaways as well as family trips and relaxing trips just with my husband. I do several trips a year to better understand what my clients are looking for.

I have always thought of myself as a “ Travel Party Planner” and I look forward to creating exactly what YOU want in a dream vacation. I can’t wait to start planning with you!

Amy Janson

Professional Travel Specialist

Cell: 208-949-0153